We provide services the “Big Box” stores can’t or won’t.

We cut : Window Screen, Romex and UF Wire, Glass and Plexiglass, Chain, Rope, Hardware Cloth, Black and Galvanized Pipe, PVC Pipe, Lumber, Plywood, Shelving….. and more.
We exchange 20lb propane tanks.
We sell bulk sand, gravel, topsoil, soil conditioner, pine bark and fill material.0303101109
We Deliver what you need to get the job done!
We have plenty of delivery trucks to serve you, and a dedicated full time dispatcher to assure your material arrives, on time – on site, when you need it.  Most delivery orders are fulfilled within 1/2 day.  Give Nate a call, he can make your project go smoother than you ever expected.  (205) 967-0710  Ext. 3
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